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Aantal berichten : 24
Pawprints : 18
Naam : The Devil! >D

Roedel: Pack? With an alpha that tells me what to do? Never!
Leeftijd: 1,2
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BerichtOnderwerp: Isil    di jan 03, 2012 7:03 am

Dark as the back side of the moon

Nickname: -
Parents: I wish they were dead!
Brothers / sisters (real): Sem
Foster parents: Delilah and Sacoor
Foster brothers / sisters foster: Malisa and Zoë

Fur color:
Eye color: Black/Brown
Physical construction: Muscular and skillful
Character: Isil is really in itself. She is rare in other wolves in the turn but when she does need to be careful. She is a very rough bitch and always does what she wants. Deer hair coma ever since it may well be the last thing you do ...

Isil was a puppy two weeks old, repelled by her parents. She found solace with her foster parents, Delilah and Sacoor, who caught her and her well-groomed. Isil walked away when she was four months old. Only it is likely she had not survived, but fortunately there were wolves who wanted to help her. They came every day with some food for the puppy grew and so on Isil. Soon she learned to be alone. Isil Feralis has to come because the place they lived was plagued by hunters.

Dark as the back side of the moon


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